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In a 2017 ADA survey, 20% of the participants confessed to flossing only when trying to remove something stuck in their teeth, and 8% said they never floss. Those who don’t floss regularly said that they find it time-consuming, painful, and/or gross. Basically, if you don’t floss, you’re not alone. And if, as a parent, you find it hard to help your kids floss, that’s completely understandable. Our purpose in today’s post is to offer you two alternative ways to floss that can help you overcome some of that flossing reluctance and enable your kids to get into healthy patterns.

Floss picks

Floss picks take all the finger-and-string-winding complications out of flossing. Instead, a short piece of floss strung between two prongs is attached to a handle. Floss picks tend to be easier for kids (and everyone else) to use. The basic technique of flossing remains the same: insert the floss between teeth and clean away. To ensure tooth and gum health, teach your kids to floss between all their teeth. Floss picks are disposable, packable, and affordable. They work well for an active schedule and lifestyle.

Water flossers

Also known as water picks, these devices use stream water or water and air to clean the spaces between your teeth. Although not ideal for young children, these cleaners can be lifesavers for teens with braces and other dental devices, as well as for people who simply don’t like dealing with strings and manual cleaning. While not as convenient for traveling as traditional floss or floss picks, water flossers can be a great option for good, thorough cleaning.

If you have questions about these flossing options, feel free to talk to us about which method might work best for your mouth and tooth configuration. We’d be glad to talk with you about the most effective way to protect the oral health of your kids without stressing them out.